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The D- Link DP-311U is a compact, 802.11b compatible, wireless print server that allows network users to share a USB printer. The DP-311U is equipped with one USB version 1.1 port for seamless connection to most USB printers available on the market today and supports both infrastructure or ad hoc wireless modes.


Product Description. The D- Link DP-311P is a compact, 802.11b compatible, wireless print server that allows network users to share a legacy printer. The DP- 311P is equipped with one parallel Centronics port for seamless connection to older printers and supports both infrastructure and ad hoc wireless modes.


This name designates a specific wireless local area network (WLAN). The factory default setting is "D-Link". This makes connecting to a wireless network easier if you have a D-Link router already set up with "D-Link" as the wireless network name. The SSID can be easily changed to connect to an existing wireless network or ...


D-Link, an industry leader in networking, delivers a network printing solution with the compact 10/100 Ethernet USB Print Server (DP-301U). With this USB print server, users can print from virtually anywhere on the network to the connected USB printer1 using computers with different operating systems. Easy Installation

May 25, 2007 ... Episode 4 - Segment 4 GetConnected host Mike Agerbo shows us how to set up a wireless print server with a model from D-Link.
Apr 1, 2015 ... This video features the initial IP configuration of a D-Link print server (DPR1020)


Want to connect up to four USB printers to your network, but don't want to string more cabling? If you already have wireless as part of your network, this device will save the day. Not only will it add the printers and act as a print server for them , you can also hook up a computer or Network Accessible Storage (NAS) to the ...


-For business use. -Supports multifunction equipment. left. right. DPR- 1020_A1_Image L(Front). DPR-1020. USB Multifunction Print Server. -Share your Printer -Home and business use -Supports multifunction equipment. left. right. DP-301P+_D1_Image L(Side_OOBE). DP-301P+. Single-Port Parallel Print Server ...


Businesses can connect a printer to a router to convert it into a networking device . Workstations on the wireless local area network can then send documents to the printer without requiring a direct ... ... D-Link: How Do I Manually Install My Printer Using a D-Link Print Server in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7?