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1320c printing grey instead of black - RESOLVED ... I have a two month old 1320c laser that's printed around 1000 pages of mainly black text .... If the print is still faint, you've ruined the PHD unit and you'll need a new one, Dell P/N DT574 ... tell me if you resolved the problems you had with your Dell 1320C.


There is a tendency for the Dell 1320c to suffer from faded print along the left side ... Different colours may be affected but it is usually black that is affected the most ... the amount of laser light that is transmitted is reduced resulting in faded print ...


Dell 1320c - Color Laser Printer Manual Online: Print Quality Problems, Print Is Too Light. Is Part Or All Of The Print Too Light? All Of The...

Mar 6, 2013 ... My Dell 1320c laser printer was printing very badly - parts of the picture were falling off the paper as dust. I thought perhaps cheap toner was to ...


... (around 4000 prints) started printing any pure black text as a faint gray (barely there). ... Anyone else with this model having the same issue?


Jul 4, 2008 ... To talk to a networked Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer using OS X 10.4 ... alt text. Select Print Features from the menu. alt text. Select Tray 1 from ...


Jul 13, 2007 ... The Dell Color Laser Printer 1320c is a capable small-office or personal ... 1320c is no exception. at 37.8 pounds, it's relatively light for a color laser. ... setup to cause a problem, it's fully covered by warranty. dell says it will swap ... always print in color mode—even if you're printing black-and-white text. as a ...


Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dell Color Laser Printer ... In the text of your review, you can link directly to any product offered on Amazon. com ... Not a single problem from all of them, and they all still work like new. ... I've replaced the toner cartridges 5 times for the colors, and 7 times for the black toner .


Jul 15, 2007 ... The Dell 1320c is a decent choice for a small office or work group, but a little ... If you print a ton of black text documents, you're better off with the $400 ... printer with LEDs that light up to indicate where a problem is occurring.