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"Piezo", derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press, is a prefix used in: Piezoelectricity · Piezoresistive effect · Piezometer · Piezo ignition  ...


Piezo- definition, a combining form meaning “pressure,” used in the formation of compound words: piezometer. See more.


Piezo- definition: pressure | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define piezoelectricity: electricity or electric polarity due to pressure especially in a crystalline substance (such as quartz)


Define piezoelectric: of, relating to, marked by, or functioning by means of piezoelectricity. ... medical Definition of piezoelectric. :of, relating to ... piezo crystal.


Origin of piezo-. from Classical Greek piezein, to press from Indo-European an unverified form pised-, to sit on, press from base an unverified form epi-, on + an ...


Define piezo-. piezo- synonyms, piezo- pronunciation, piezo- translation, English dictionary definition of piezo-. pref. Pressure: piezoelectricity. combining form ...


Top definition. piezodrugs. A pipe used for smoking freebase crystal methamphetamine. It is a glass cylinder with and opening on one end and a bubble on the ...


What is piezoelectricity? This definition explains piezoelectricity, also called the piezoelectric effect, and discusses piezoelectric materials and their applications.