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Nutrition facts and Information for Apples, raw, with skin [Includes USDA commodity food A343] ... Healthy Egg And Avocado Sandwich Under 300 Calories.


Nutrition facts and Information for Apples, raw, with skin [Includes USDA commodity food ... The bad: A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars.


Oct 11, 2014 ... This is a detailed article about apples. What they are, what they look like, along with in-depth information on nutrition and health benefits.


Apple Health: Get the Facts. How many calories in an apple? Less than 100 calories in a medium-sized apple. Apples are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol.


Sep 24, 2014 ... Often called a "miracle food" and "nutritional powerhouse," an apple a day really may keep the doctor away. Here are the nutrition facts from the ...


Aug 4, 2015 ... Apple Nutrition Facts. Apples are the fruit of the tree known as Malus domestica. Today, many different types of apples trees are grown ...


Add to meal Add all ingredients to compute nutritional value of a meal. Export CSV. Apples, with skin, red delicious, raw, calories by source. Apples, with skin ...


Apple polyphenols are standout nutrients in this widely loved ... the percent Daily Value (DV%) that this amount represents, the ...


Apples may also reduce the risk of heart disease. Apples rank high (in a past top 12 list) in terms of antioxidants per serving and antioxidants per unit cost, but ...