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How to Build an Egg Drop Container with Straws | eHow ..... all challenged to create a device that would keep a raw egg safe from a second story window drop.


May 27, 2015 ... The problem is simple enough. You've got a raw egg, and it's going to be dropped from a high place. You have to build a contraption so that it ...

May 27, 2015 ... 5 designs guaranteed to win 1st place or your money back. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new like I did when I made it.


Apr 24, 2017 ... Egg drop competitions are fun, educational science projects for students in any grade. Even college students enjoy the challenge of dropping ...


Apr 24, 2017 ... An egg drop contest in a physics class teaches students how to protect an egg during free-fall motion. Students must determine how to spread ...


Apr 25, 2017 ... Many successful egg drop designs use sturdy containers to protect the contents from the initial ... Build a shape around the egg with the straws.


Apr 25, 2017 ... During an egg drop, you drop an uncooked egg from a specific height onto a mark below. Each egg is housed in a container built to protect and ...


How to Drop an Egg Without It Breaking. The egg drop is a classic science experiment, but it can still be pretty intimidating if you've never successfully completed ...


Creative and Scientific Egg Drop Project as part of Creative Challenge Project. Recycled ... He loves to build and create and is always tinkering away at things.