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Get Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy Recipe from Food Network.


This recipe for chicken fried steak includes a batter spiked with Tabasco Sauce and a pan gravy that is sure to satisfy all the chicken-fried steak lovers at your ...


Make and share this Country Fried Steak recipe from Genius Kitchen. ... The batter was thick, but they cooked up pretty well even though the coating tended .


Recipe including course(s): Entrée; and ingredients: baking powder, baking soda , black ... Dredge each steak first in flour, then in batter, and again in flour.


Chicken-fried steak, at its worst, is an overcooked slab of tough beef coated in a greasy deep-fried coating ... This recipe will get you the better of those two results .


Feb 28, 2011 ... A plate of cube steak, which is tenderized round steak that's been ... Here are the printables, both for Chicken Fried Steak and the ... Recipe ...


As a child, my grandmother taught me how to make chicken fried steak. I taught my daughters, and when my granddaughters are bigger, I'll show them, too.


A recipe for classic chicken-fried steak made with beef round coated in seasoned flour, pan-fried until crispy, then smothered with a peppery country gravy.


What evil genius came up with the idea for chicken-fried steak? Just when I'm trying to be good, eating my greens, avoiding sweets, the notion to make ...