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This soup is easy to make, though it takes a bit of planning. It is a complete and filling meal made the way we do. The original recipe came from an Ian Parmenter  ...


Duck Soup Recipes - Duck turns plain soup into something special. The flavor of duck makes it perfect in soups or stews, adding a richness you'll love.


You'll want duck legs, not breast, for this Vietnamese duck soup recipe.


This Vietnamese dish from Chez Pham is called bun vit mang, a duck and bamboo shoot noodle soup.


Aug 15, 2011 ... From easy Duck Soup recipes to masterful Duck Soup preparation techniques, find Duck Soup ideas by our editors and community in this ...


This recipe is by Craig Claiborne And Pierre Franey and takes 50 minutes. Tell us what you think of it at The New York Times - Dining - Food.


A recipe for duck soup made with the carcass of a smoked duck. This is a great way to use the rest of the duck, after you eat the breast meat.


Recipes for duck or goose soups, stews, broths and demi-glace. These recipes can be made with either domestic or wild ducks or geese.


Feb 3, 2010 ... Here's one way to make broth out of a roasted duck: • Duck Soup at Too Many Chefs. Readers, do ... 10 of Our Healthiest Thanksgiving Recipes.