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This was used as a pickled eggs recipe at Michigan Tech. It's great when served with a cold beer, eh!


Amazon.com : Koegel's pickled bologna packed in spiced vinegar, 40-oz plastic jar, refrigerate after opening : Grocery & Gourmet Food.


Item: Pickled Bologna - Gluten Free! Description: A finely chopped blend of beef, pork and spices stuffed into a natural casing. This is smoked using natural ...


This was given to my by my good friend Dana who works here as a volunteer at the park. She brought me in some a short while ago and it was so good, I just ...

Oct 14, 2012 ... I like bologna but pickled bologna was too hot and spicy for my delicate palate. .... Where did you get the plain ring bologna to experiment with?


Our pickled ring bologna is cooked and pickled for full flavor. See more about it here.


Omg why do I think I want to try Hot Pickled Bologna Ingredients: 3 lbs. ring bologna or good, non-flavored large, inch or more thick hot dogs/franks/german ...


How to make it. Mix together first 5 ingredients and boil for 8 minutes then cool. Put bologna and onions in large glass jar. Pour vinegar mixture over bologna.


Item: Pickled Ring Bologna - Gluten Free! Description: This is our ring bologna packed in vinegar. It is great for a zesty snack. Ingredients: Beef, Pork, Water, ...