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Lemongrass Plants
Lemongrass is a plant native to India, but is easily grown wherever there is hot, humid weather. It is used in cooking and most popular in giving Asian food a citrus flavor. It is used to scent household products and as a remedy for many mild problems.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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Discover how to grow lemongrass. Growing lemongrass in your own garden means having a fresh, delicious ingredient for a variety of Asian dishes.


Lemongrass is a fabulous addition to your recipes and surprisingly easy to grow! You can even propagate it from cuttings.


Feb 19, 2016 ... If you like using the lemongrass herb in your soups and seafood dishes, you may have wondered how to grow lemongrass on your own.


Learn how to plant, grow, and care for lemongrass bulbs with our planting guide. Be sure to visit our shop and browse our collection of lemongrass bulbs!


How to Grow Lemon Grass. Keep a pot of this easy-to-grow herb on a sunny windowsill, then harvest it fresh for Thai dishes or delicious teas.

Oct 11, 2012 ... Great for cooking and easy to grow. You can grow them in a pot or in the grown.


The lemongrass plant, a mosquito repellant plant with a fresh, lemony fragrance place strategically by walkways, patios for optimum enjoyment. [LEARN MORE]


Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the rootball of the lemongrass plant. Allow 3 feet between plants, as a mature lemongrass is a large plant growing to ...


When you start to grow your own food, a nice surprise is that some 'exotic' plants turn out to be easier to grow than you might expect. Lemon grass is.