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How to Make a Rabbit Snare. Whether you are lost in the wild and need food, want to capture the pests in your garden, or just want to learn trapping, rabbit snares are an easy and essential wilderness skill. ... Trapping is a numbers game ; the more snares you set, the more rabbits you will get. Separate them by a few ...

Feb 29, 2012 ... I was up at the tent and set a rabbit snare in hopes of catching a free dinner.
Dec 6, 2007 ... This is a video of my version of setting a rabbit snare...I was inspired to make this video and other videos, from a video I took of my father setting one last season. Check out my videos "Making a Rabbit Snare" and "Snaring Rabbits - Checking Rabbit Snares" The proof is in the pudding. It works!


Learn how to use the powerful rabbit snare to control or hunt on any landscape. Master the lost methods of building wire snares, fence snares and more.

Nov 4, 2015 ... Two methods of setting a Rabbit Snare.


Setting a rabbit snare is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to trap a rabbit. They' re popular because they don't require the use of heavy steal traps and you can set one up in just a few minutes. Whether you're experiencing rabbit damage around your home or you're in a survival situation and need food, most people don't ...


Since snaring was an unverified tool in my bag of tricks, I decided to give it a try. The good news - from a survival point of view is that snaring isn't all that difficult. On my first try, I set 15 snares and got three snowshoe hares the first night. Results will of course vary with animal densities, terrain, trapping skills etc. Temperature ...


How to Make a Rabbit Snare There are dozens of different ways to trap small game whether it's pit falls, using boulders, deep pits and so on. I have always preferred snare traps as they are one of the most effective and fastest to setup. When trying to catch a meal in the wild, the more traps you have the higher the probability ...


Mar 29, 2012 ... Before you even think about spending time and energy on building and setting a snare, you must first determine whom (or in this case which animal) ... While the snare design I will show you can be scaled up to catch animals as large as deer, it is more practical to target small game animals such as rabbit, ...