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People are usually prone to mosquito bites due to a combination of scent, light, heat, and humidity. ... or taking a camping trip, natural repellents might be a better option. ... Lemon eucalyptus oil.


Amazon.com : Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent, 4-Ounce Pump Spray : Mosquito Repellent : Patio, Lawn & Garden.


Natural insect repellent can repel mosquitoes, ticks, ... isoparaffinic solvent and a hydrocarbon propellent. lemon eucalyptus essential oil mosquito repellent ...


Citrus: Mosquitoes hate the smell of lemon and orange peels. ... DEET is found in many bug repellant sprays and products. ... Citronella: A natural, non-toxic alternative to DEET is citronella oil, which is derived from leaves and stems of various ...


Jun 7, 2016 ... If you don't want to use DEET to keep the mosquitoes away, lemon eucalyptus- based repellents actually do a pretty bang-up job. Here's a way ...


May 12, 2015 ... This Natural Bug Repellent Works Better Than Deet ... The winning products used picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus as the active ...


Aug 23, 2016 ... Lemon eucalyptus oil is a natural mosquito repellent that actually works so you can avoid the nasty side effects of DEET. It's even approved by ...


It features a lemon-like citrusy scent that is irritating to mosquitoes, but wonderfully pleasant to people. ... It can also be used as a handy natural repellent.


Luckily enough for us, there are plenty of homemade mosquito repellent recipes we can use that are non-toxic! Here are ... Directions: Mix 1 part lemon eucalyptus oil for every 10 parts of sunflower oil/witch hazel. ... Organic Insect Repellent.