Your guy is a very special and sweet part of your life and you're ready for that next step – but is he? Take our quiz to see if the big question is coming up or if ...


Oct 13, 2016 ... Take this quiz to see if he's about to pop the question any day now. ... chose most of the answers on the left, he might be about to propose soon.


Jan 6, 2018 ... Start the Quiz ... If your boyfriend is serious about his relationship, then he's going to ask you to meet .... If so, don't expect a romantic proposal.


Is your guy ready to take the next step with you? Find out how likely your boyfriend is to propose.


Find out if your sweetie is about to pop the question!


You've moved in with your boyfriend and things are looking good but you've got just one thing on your mind: marriage. But is he thinking about it too?


Oct 1, 2005 ... ... guy you will eventually marry? It's the eternal question for women in committed relationships. Find out your answer right now - take this quiz!


Aug 6, 2018 ... The quiz below is designed to help you find out if bae is about to do just that. Give it a try! ... He's never wanted to take a vacation with me. C.


Feb 12, 2014 ... How To Tell If He's About To Propose. Vivian KELLY ... Because, he's planning on surprising you, duh! ... He quizzes you - about your jewellery.