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Text sometimes exhibits case sensitivity; that is, words can differ in meaning, or can be distinguished in a computer search, based on differing use of capital and  ...


Definition of case-sensitive: Computer command which specifies that each letter of a word or term must be typed exactly as required or shown-as a capital ...


Oct 11, 2017 ... Computer dictionary definition for what Case-sensitive means including related links, information, and terms.


Jul 9, 2017 ... If something is case sensitive then matters if you use uppercase or lowercase letters. Passwords and commands are often case sensitive.


In computing, if a written word such as a password is case-sensitive, it must be written in a particular form, for example using all capital letters or all small letters,  ...


A case-sensitive program that expects you to enter all commands in uppercase will not respond correctly if you enter one or more characters in lowercase.


Often used in computer science to indicate a distinction is made in comparison or equality of letters based on case. For example, a case-sensitive password will ...


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Adjective. (comparative more case sensitive, superlative most case sensitive). ( computer science) Distinguishing upper- and lower-case letters. Often used in ...