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The CZ 452 is a repeating bolt-action, magazine-fed, rimfire rifle manufactured by the Czech ... The American comes without open sights and is equipped with a 22.5" long ... Adapters to allow the attachment of 1/2" x 28 TPI suppressors made in the ... Secret" - GunBlast.com An article about the CZ 452 Super BRNO 2500.

Oct 8, 2011 ... This is my brno model 1 rifle chambered in .22lr. The rifle was made in 1950 in Czechoslovakia, pretty damn good rifle which never failed on ...
Jun 14, 2012 ... this is a short review of BRNO MOD # 2 and a brief statement of differences between BRNO model 1 and Brno model 2 , .22 Lr rim fire rifles . the ... my English is not good and my pure Asian accent may be difficult for the ...


At first a little intro, most of the Brno .22 LR guns were imported in the late ... Without going into long details CZ and Brno are more or less the same. ... I too have a Brno Model 2, one thing i wanted to ask was that the rail on the ...


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I am certainly no expert on Brno's and certainly don't claim to be, but I do ... This is the later of two types of Model 1 trigger, there has been some good stuff .... I would presume that the rifle was sold with a Nr. 5 or Nr.6 front sight ...


No Image for BRNO .22 LR Mod 2 ... A used ,But not abused working rifle Ideal foxing round & it shoots a Tight group, ... WITH 1" SCOPE RINGS AND SLING


In 1978 purchased a new Brno Model 2 .22 lr. ... At the moment I'm getting about 1” at 75 meters using Winchester Bushman ammo with a ... Don't forget they are hunting rifles not bench rest rifles so don't expect that sort of ...


Low Height - subtle but strong construction Low Weight rifle-shotgun on the market (2.95 - 3.15 kg)in all-steel constructi.