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Cahaba Prison, also known as Castle Morgan, was a prisoner of war camp in Dallas County, Alabama where the Confederacy held captive Union soldiers during the American Civil War. The prison was located in the small Alabama town of Cahaba, at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba rivers, not far from Selma.


Cahaba prison was located near Selma, Alabama, in the center of the now- vanished town of Cahawba which was the state capital of Alabama from 1820 to 1826. The prison was located in a cotton warehouse on the banks of the Alabama River and was in operation intermittently from 1862 to April 1865. More than 9,000 ...


Oct 13, 2015 ... Castle Morgan Cahaba Federal Prison was a Civil War prisoner of war (POW) camp located at Cahaba, Dallas County, at the junction of the Alabama and Cahaba rivers. Also unofficially known as Castle Morgan, after Confederate cavalry general John Hunt Morgan, it began officially operating sometime in ...


Cahaba Civil War Prison, also known as Castle Morgan, stood at the famed Alabama ghost town of Old Cahawba and held as many as 3000 Union prisoners of war. The site of the Confederate prison is now preserved at Old Cahawba Archaeological Site.



In January 1864, Confederate authorities decided to establish a permanent prison facility at the unfinished red-brick cotton warehouse at Cahaba, Alabama. They acquired the warehouse for the use as a prison for captured Union prisoners in the summer of 1862. Col. Samuel M. Hill originally owned the warehouse, and ...


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With a death rate of 5 percent, Alabama's Cahaba Federal Prison boasted a better survival rate than the notorious Confederate prisoner-of-war camps of Andersonville, Libby Prison, Elmira, Rock Island, Johnson's Island, and Camp Douglas. Yet it was a ghastly facility, a hastily converted agricultural warehouse so ...