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How to Care for a Coral Cactus
The coral cactus (*Euphorbia lactea* f. *cristata*), a crested form of mottled spurge (*Euphorbia lactea*), offers convoluted, fan-shaped green growth marked with silver. Recently, plant sellers have begun to graft coral cactus fans in a variety of... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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Similar in appearance to ocean coral, the Coral Cactus is actually two plants in one. Here's how to care for this unusual beauty.


Coral Cactus Care: This page features information on watering, feeding, repotting and were to find grafted Euphorbia.


Coral Cactus. The Coral cactus at first glance kind of looks like a lettuce (please don't eat this), and a type of coral reef...which is where it's name originates from.


Crested euphorbia is a dramatic cactus houseplant and excellent living room plant. Learn about growing crested euphorbia in your home or office.


Coral and cactus in name only, the Coral Cactus (Botanical name: Euphorbia lactea Crest or Euphorbia lactea 'Cristata'), combines two succulent plants to form  ...


The coral cactus plant is a beautiful, potted plant variety, which can display a lot of versatility in beautifying outdoor landscapes as well as indoor areas. Its coral ...


The coral cactus (Euphorbia lactea f. cristata), a crested form of mottled spurge ( Euphorbia lactea), offers convoluted, fan-shaped green growth marked with ...


Whorls of fleshy, wavy leaves much like underwater coral, make this cactus an eye-catching houseplant. Arrange it with containers of other low care Cacti, ...


Mar 11, 2011 ... Should it be so green? i will cut out the gravel (cause it's glued in) and move it to another pot soon. What would be an ideal temperature range?