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Dogma is an official system of principles or tenets of a church, such as Roman Catholicism, or a philosophy such as Stoicism. Dogma is transliterated in the 17th century from Latin (Latin dogma) meaning ...


Define dogma: something held as an established opinion; especially : a definite authoritative tenet; a code of such tenets — dogma in a sentence.


Dogma definition, an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior, etc., as of a church. See more.


The literal meaning of dogma in ancient Greek was something that seems true. These days, in English, dogma is more absolute. If you believe in a certain ...


Dogma definition: If you refer to a belief or a system of beliefs as a dogma , you disapprove of it because... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


dogma definition, meaning, what is dogma: a fixed, especially religious, belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to…. Learn more.


Dogma is defined as principles or rules that cannot be questioned, or articles of faith in different religions. An example of dogma is the Ten Commandments in ...


What is Dogma? Definition and meaning:DOGMA dog'-ma (dogma, from dokeo, ' that which seems,' 'an opinion,' particularly the opinion of a philosopher): 1.

Apr 18, 2015 ... Video shows what dogma means. An authoritative principle, belief or statement of opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true ...