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A rope wick applicator will help you apply herbicides and pesticides directly to the plants you select. We carry hand held and tractor mount wick applicators.


Applicator. Rope wick applicators are ideal for weeds that are higher than the crop," says ... Roundup with 2 gallons of water ... method for making a rope wick.


Favoured by farmers across North America. The Vogels Wick Weeder is a rope wick applicator that efficiently places herbicide on the weed surface, giving good  ...


Jan 9, 2012 ... The first rope wick applicators for Roundup herbicide in Mid-South weed control simply used some nylon rope, 4-inch or so PVC pipe, some ...


Wick applicators are exactly what you need to kill off unwanted weeds whether it's ... The " Weed Kill-A" is a lightweight and easy to use hand-held applicator that  ...


Safe and effective method of weed control. It is best to use Round Up with this product. Great tool if you want to use a non selective Herbicide but are afraid of ...


Wick Applicators, Valves, Couplings, Fluid Handling, Heavy duty fittings, Hose couplers, Hose fittings, ... Rope Wick Fittings 3/4" MGHT 3/4" MPT ... Weed Thief.


WickMaster pressurized recirculating rope wick applicator, Rope-A-Dope gravity flow ropewick applicator. ... Angled ropes yield 10X more rope-to-weed contact.


Q: How can I build a herbicide applicator using PVC pipe and a wick? The idea is that you use a section of PVC pipe as a wand, pour the herbicide inside, and.