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Following centuries of successive habitation by Celts, Romans, West Slavs, Gepids and Avars, the foundation of Hungary was laid in the late 9th century by the Hungarian grand prince Árpád in the conquest of the Carpathian Basin. His great-grandson Stephen I ascended the throne in 1000, converting the country to a ...


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Hungary is a country at the heart of Europe, but it is certainly different too in so many ways! It has a wealth of culture and history, complemented by a language so completely different from its neighbours that almost no shared words exist! It can be said that ours is a land of great contrasts.


Get information, facts, and pictures about Hungary at Encyclopedia.com. ... Hungary is a landlocked country in the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe, with an area of 93,030 sq km (35,919 sq mi), extending 268 km (167 mi) n–s and 528 km ... Hungary's capital city, Budapest, is located in the north central part of the country.


Jun 14, 2017 ... Provides an overview of Hungary, including key events and facts about this eastern European country.


The modern country appears to be split into two irreconcilable factions: those who are still concerned about Trianon and those who would like to forget it. This split is evident in most aspects of Hungarian political, social, and cultural life. Hungarians, who know their country as Magyarország, “Land of Magyars,” are unique ...


Information System of the Hungarian National Assembly. Miniszterelnöki Hivatal Office of the Prime Minister. Nemzeti Kulturális Örökség Minisztérium Ministry of Culture and Education (in Hungarian) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary MOFA Hungary with comprehensive information about the ministry and Hungary.


Information on Hungary — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the national flag.


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