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Program your pedometer according to your stride length. ... Press either “Mode” or “Set” -- depending your pedometer's instructions -- to store the new settings ...

Mar 1, 2012 ... My pedometer looks exactly like the one pictured, but does not ... I have followed the written instructions, but it just doesn't go to a "set up" page.


Most kinds of pedometer will automatically be able to detect your steps without any ... your pedometer requires this information, consult its operating manual.


A.pedometer.is.a.great.motivational.tool.to.track.your.distance,.the.number. of. steps.you.take.and.how.many.calories.you.burn..This.pocket.pedometer.


If you're looking for a great way to get the most out of your daily walking workout, an Omron pedometer is an excellent tool. Measure the number of steps that you ...


Pedometers are an excellent way of tracking important performance indicators of your daily walking routine toward completing a full, effective workout. Omron ...


Like most pedometers, the Omron brand pedometer requires you to enter in some basic information before use, ... Omron Walking Style Pedometer Instructions.


I need to reset my pedometer, phewwww. This thread is easier to read then the instruction book, although.. that's where this came from LOL ...


An Omron Pedometer is a device you clip to your belt to keep track of the steps taken throughout the day. People keep track of the distance during cardio...