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In most states, if a body will not be buried or cremated within 24 or 48 hours ( depending on state laws), it must be properly preserved. The main methods of doing this are embalming and refrigeration, which the funeral home will be able to provide.


The body can be prepared and embalmed for traditional services (see Embalming below), dressed and placed in refrigeration for cremation, prepared for body donation or green burials, or arrangements can be made for transport to another state via ground or air travel. In the case of accidental or traumatic death, autopsy, ...

Feb 3, 2017 ... Preparing a body for burial - Dec 9, 2016.


Jun 8, 2014 ... The first step to embalming someone is to check the paperwork, to make sure the person we have on the table is in fact the person we're supposed to embalm -- it is surprisingly common for the hospital or nursing home to give us the wrong body. After that, we disinfect the body and begin a process called ...

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Aug 29, 2013 ... Here's a look at the delicate process of preparing a dead body for a funeral. Warning: Watching this video will force you to confront your own mortality. But at least it shows that while death may not be pretty, what you leave behind can be.


Nov 2, 2016 ... What is involved in preparing a loved one's body for burial and what options there are to engaging the services of a funeral director.


These chemicals bind with the proteins in the body to retard decomposition. It is this binding process that makes the person's skin feel stiff or rigid when you touch someone in a casket. (People often confuse this with rigor mortis, which is an entirely different process that occurs in an unembalmed body.) In preparation for  ...


Jun 17, 2013 ... Photographer Sienna Perro explores how bodies are prepared for death, along with the culture of funeral homes as 'domiciles, businesses, and places of mourning' in her project 'Staging Death'.