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This is a list of cheerleading jumps. X Jump/Spread Eagle: You simply prep, swing, and jump ... Hurdler: The straight leg is either forward (a front hurdler) with arms in candlesticks, or out to the side (a side hurdler) with arms in a T. The bent  ...


The Herkie (aka Hurkie) is a cheerleading jump named after Lawrence Herkimer, the founder of the National Cheerleaders Association and former cheerleader at Southern Methodist University. This jump is similar to a side-hurdler and to the abstract (double hook), ...

Apr 6, 2011 ... Looking for a guide on How To Perform A Side Hurdler Jump In Cheerleading? This extremely helpful bite-size tutorial explains precisely how ...
Feb 2, 2016 ... via YouTube Capture.


Remember: The Side Hurdler Jump can be done with either leg as the lead leg. Usually, you will be better on one side than the other and that is ok. However ...


Includes: • Basic side hurdler form • Cheerleading jumps, side hurdler: left or right ? • Learning the side hurdler • Practice makes perfect.


He always showed his enthusiasm for teaching cheerleading with his signature jump, “The Herkie”! The Side Hurdler sometimes gets confused with the Herkie.


jason brody could never be a hurdler or understand them because he is not an amazing athlete ... One side has the word, one side has the definition. Microwave  ...


The herkie or side hurdler is a common intermediate level cheerleading jump. Training with Kinetic Bands can help improve your cheerleading herkie.