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Ukrainian names are given names that originated in Ukraine. In addition to the first (given) names, Ukrainians also have patronymic and family names.


A list of names in which the usage is Ukrainian. ... Ukrainian Names. Home » Names. Ukrainian names are used in the country of Ukraine in eastern Europe.


The etymology of Old Ukrainian (pre-Christian) names can be easily traced. Names for children were chosen according to family life circumstances. For example ...


55 results ... Origin: Ukrainian. 1 2 3. Around The Web. 15 Old-Fashioned Baby Names That Will Melt Your Heart · The Most Original Baby Names of 2017.


GIRLS. BOYS. Rank, Numbers, Percent, First names, Rank, Numbers, Percent, First names. 1. 27. 2.03 %. Anna. 1. 17. 1.28 %. Vlad. 2. 24. 1.81 %. Anastasia. 2  ...


Ukrainian Baby Names are unique and beautiful. As like many other cultures, even Ukrainians have background values imbibed in their names.


Name, Sex, Meaning. Alina, female, from Latin alien. Alisa, female. Alla, female, German name. Anastasia, female, from Greek reviviscence. Anatoli, male, from ...


List of male Ukrainian names, from Aleksander, Andriy, Anton, through Yevheniy, Yosyp, Yure.


Ukrainian ethnic group name turned surname turned forename. It started with a group of Ukrainian montagnards of the Carpathian highlands; it is from this ...