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Lovebirds are native to Africa and Madagascar, and for this reason, they're sometimes collectively referred to as "African lovebirds." Since their domestication, many different color variations have been produced by breeding lovebirds selectively. Red-faced, black-collared, Abyssinian, black-cheeked, masked and peachface ...


6 Ways to Breed Love Birds. by madhusmita on 2/14/2014 3:51:21 AM | Views: 8405. Budgies(also called Lovebirds) breeding may sound like a great hobby and it is! However you need lots of knowledge! You also need to make all of the budgies happy and healthy to make a happy family. In this article,I am going to share ...


Although especially in Australia, they are frequently kept in colonies, peach-faced lovebirds can prove to be aggressive towards each other as well, and are capable of inflicting severe injuries with their stout bills. It is therefore safest to house them in individual pairs, which is also the best solution if you are seeking to breed ...


During breeding, lovebirds will take strips of chewed paper or other material, tuck it under the feathers of the wing and rump, then carry them back to the nest. This repetitive behavior is often seen in lone female birds. A "pair" of lovebirds will often bond strongly to each other even if they are the same sex. As a "pair", they ...


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Informative site on Bird Club of America's Breeding Patnership Program.


​On another topic' I've been gradually phasing out breeding lovebirds to one clutch per year per pair to concentrate on developing Exhibition Budgies. I will be transitioning site to reflect more photos and material on Budgies to balance with lovebirds. What's not for sale in Lovebirds is my New Mutation's (Misty), Gray Rump ...


Small or medium bird cages are best for Lovebirds, with bar spacing 1/2" to no more than 5/8”. Bird Cages 4 Less carries a wide variety of bird cage styles, shapes and colors ideal for Lovebirds. You'll find play tops, dome tops, convertible tops, square, rectangle and round bird cages all right here at Bird Cages 4 Less!