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About Fluorescent Lighting
Many people are switching light sources in the homes from the traditional incandescent bulbs to fluorescent lighting. Money savings is often cited as a reason for the switch, but it's important to do some research and decide if fluorescent lighting is... More »
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Neon lights are a type of cold cathode gas-discharge light. A neon tube is a sealed glass tube with a metal electrode at each end, filled with one of a number of gases at low pressure. A high potential of several thousand volts applied to the electrodes ionizes the gas in the tube, causing it to emit colored light. The color of the ...


Best Color Gel Sleeves for Fluorescent Tubes in StageSpot This product is custom made to order, please allow up to 2 weeks lead time when ordering. Any questions concerning a more accurate time table can be directed to Customer Service at (888) 567-8243 or email info@stagespot.com. These tubes can easily be cut to ...


Hi there, My first time posting here, but have been reading the website for a long time. Recently I have been fascinated with lights and light art. I have been a fan of Dan Flavin for awhile and love the way he uses fluorescent lights. One question I have is, how do I achieve colored fluorescent lights? I have done a bit of ...


-Long life of tubes -Good selection of desired color temperature (cool whites to warm whites) -Diffused Light (good for general, even lighting, reducing harsh shadows). Disadvantages. -Flicker of the high frequency can be irritating to humans (eye strain, headaches, migraines) -Flicker of common fluorescent light looks poor ...


Rapid-start lamps are the most popular fluorescent lamp type used in commercial applications such as office buildings. To learn more about what "cool" and "warm" means in terms of the color quality of light sources, see Color Metrics. Note that some lamps may be designated F40T12/ES, but the lamp draws 34 instead of ...


Feb 18, 2013 ... It's not all in your head–toiling away in a cold, beige office under artificial light really does sap your soul. ... Your Office's Fluorescent Lights Really Are Draining Your Will To Work. It's not all in your ... “That means the temperature in your room, the color of your walls, and the noise happening around you.”.


A direct comparison of the LED lighting and fluorescent or Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) followed by an in-depth discussion of each technology.


Oct 10, 2013 ... She also commented that her colleagues call her classroom “The Victoria's Secret Room” because of the pink and white color of the drapes. The fluorescent lighting used in most classrooms can lead to a host of difficulties for children (and adults), including migraines. By diffusing these harsh lights, and ...


Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light and is stated in units of absolute temperature, known as Kelvin (K).