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Hyperactivity means being more active than is usual or desirable. Depending on the cause, hyperactivity has many different characteristics. The most common of these are: constant movement aggressive behavior impulsive behavior being easily distracted Many different mental diseases and...
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Jul 16, 2010 ... Pluralism and elitism are terms which make reference to the distribution of political power. • Pluralism is a ... Pressure groups can be said to undermine democracy by several means: - They can concentrate power. ... For instance ' hyperpluralism' depicts the difficulty a government may encounter when it is ...


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While policymakers in the world reiterate the importance of protecting voice diversity, traditional media conglomerates and new social media giants make their task increasingly challenging. This book assesses the current state of policy- making on media plurality and explores novel policy ideas for.


If we look at the general meaning of the term, pluralism refers to the existence of ... concerning more and more policy makers due to the risk of hyper- idealization ( or ... McComb (1969, p. 237) suggested a few years ago: “not only must education itself adapt to cultural pluralism, it must educate the young for cultural pluralism.


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Opposing pressure groups compete openly – pro-smoking group FOREST conflicts with anti-smoking ASH; Countryside Alliance conflicted with anti-hunting groups; Pressure groups use digital democracy to enhance pluralism – 38 Degrees, international organisation Avaaz (www.avaaz.org) both use this means to raise ...


Aug 18, 2017 ... Hyper-pluralism; rampant individualism, relativism, and subjectivism; rapacious capitalism and soul-destroying consumerism; aggressive statism and ... savory consequences thus “sparked,” “hastened,” or “precipitated” by the integral but often ambiguous church-state relationship that defined Christendom?


lenging as preparing our students for the con- foundingly complex, hyper- pluralistic world of the twenty-first century, educators on a col- lege campus— administrators, faculty, and staff members—are co-owners of the intellectual life and rightful heirs of the liberal learning ideal. While I am someone who teaches ...


This state of conflict, moreover, poses a challenge to the legal authorities themselves, for it means that they have rivals. Law characteristically claims to rule whatever it addresses, but the fact of legal pluralism challenges this claim. The Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, The Julius ...