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Anglo-French conflicts in North America, part of the international rivalry between the two nations, in which many Native Americans became embroiled. They consisted of King William's War (1689–97), Queen Anne's War (1703–13), King George's War (1744–48), and the French and Indian War (1755–63), the American part ...


Mar 25, 2012 ... University of Texas at Arlington professor David Narrett teaches a history course which examines early American history, emphasizing the conflicts between…


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Define French and Indian War. French and Indian War synonyms, French and Indian War pronunciation, French and Indian War translation, English dictionary definition of French and Indian War. n. A war fought by Britain against the French and their Native American allies, part of the conflict known in Europe as the Seven ...


Overview: The French and Indian War in Pennsylvania. In 1758, a party of six Shawnee Indians and four Frenchmen attacked the homestead of the Jemison family on Marsh Creek, near modern-day Chambersburg. The Jemisons had emigrated from Ireland sixteen years earlier and settled on the Pennsylvania frontier.


Caught Up in the French and Indian War. A young girl's captivity story. The party that took us consisted of six Indians and four Frenchmen, who immediately commenced plundering and took what they considered most valuable, consisting principally of bread, meal, and meat. Having taken as much provision as they could ...


The Continental Army was made up of primarily colonial militia and many of these militia units had participated in the French and Indian War. Many of the superior officers: Israel Putnam, Daniel Morgan, Horatio Gates, Charles Lee, and others cut their teeth in the military during the French and Indian War. It caused England ...


Mar 24, 2016 ... When it comes to the founding of our country, we often focus on the American Revolution, and the French and Indian War has become just a footnote. The fact is, if things had gone a bit differently in the French and Indian War, there would be no United States, and we'd all be speaking French right now.


The colonial backcountry reached into the Shenandoah Valley. Beyond were the Appalachian Mountains, a protective natural barrier from French settlements that stretched from Canada to Louisiana. This section of the Story of Virginia covers the colonial back country and the French and Indian War.