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This is fun. ... Have some questions about all the fun you can have at Cedar Point ? ... Do you have a special price for me? ... Can I leave the park and re-enter?


Our General Admission Ticket Prices 1 day includes, all day Unlimited Rides & Attractions* (excludes any virtual reality technology rides). General Admission ...


Apr 24, 2017 ... We're a small park; we're not near what Worlds of Fun is,” Smith said. ... “How many more do you (need to) get through the gate this year than last year ... So Smith would have to either increase the prices a lot or sell a lot more ...


“It's fantastic to be able to bring in your own food and drink to offset the price of .... It had EVERY opportunity to improve upon and blow Oceans of Fun out of the .... I saw too many lifeguards yelling at guests to not do or not go to areas than ...


General admission tickets are good for a one day adventure at Ocean Park. ... Disabilities and Hong Kong residents with a Hong Kong Identity Card visiting on their birthday may enter Ocean Park free of charge. ... Shorter Queues, More Fun!


At Cedar Fair, we're in the business of fun. We take pride in our award-winning parks and strive to make millions of stomachs drop every season!


When it came to Worlds of Fun it was used for many years as a man o' war firing ... the Spring and Fall for various festival shows, but it was most likely due to cost. ... Though a few parks have endeavored to keep their well-loved Schwartzkopf .... either, this explains why the gates still do not line up to the Timberwolf trains.


The format of the days will continue to be pretty much the same. ... Each child taking part will receive a Zoggs Oceans of Fun swimming cap and be presented ...


Aug 9, 2016 ... Mom of girl who died at Worlds of Fun in 1995 empathizes with family of ... She finds it disturbing that not much has changed in the past 21 years. ... of injuries each year compared to the number of people who go to amusement parks is low. ... This AMEX Business Credit Card Doesn't Charge Interest For 15 ...