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Jul 7, 2016 ... A lithograph is an authorized copy of an original work created by the artist himself or other skilled craftsmen. A lithograph is rarely worth more than the original artwork it reproduces, but if the print quality is excellent and the production numbers are low, it may still have significant value in the art world.


As in many other methods of printmaking (the lithograph, the serigraph, the off-set print) the artwork is scanned or a large photographic transparency is taken and then scanned and ... Most galleries no longer spotlight the paintings and the more valuable a painting or print the lower the amount of light allowed to reach it.


Jul 6, 2004 ... We have three different interpretations of an original painting or rendition printed on poster size paper: a lithograph, an art print and a serigraph. Please keep ... Now, most autographed lithographs are signed in limited editions. ... It makes our autographed posters sound much more valuable and important.


What about a more expensive print which is mass-produced but signed by the artist? Here are some of the basics about fine prints, printmaking, and print collecting. Although most (but not all) printmaking processes allow the artist to create multiple images (an edition), each print (impression) in an edition is printed (pulled) ...


This insures you against the artist making more copies and bringing the value down. 4. Market the limited edition prints to the various sales venues you researched. Include a limited selection of mats, frames and glass to keep the prints as uniform as possible. Remind the buyer that the line is retired once all the prints are ...


Why are giclées so much more expensive than lithographs? The technology used to create these prints is very expensive and the output is painfully slow - most giclées are produced one or two at a time. Furthermore, true giclées like those you see here are printed on top-quality, acid-free, archival grade papers or canvases ...


A lithograph is the least manually intensive reproduction technique and in turn, is not as expensive as a serigraph or giclee. Although images can have a high ... This process is typically done by computer analysis, and is most frequently used in the production of posters and open edition prints. What is a Serigraph or ...


Jul 4, 2015 ... Depending on the quality of the copy and other factors, good hand-painted copies of a famous painting can still fetch a decent value although nowhere near the value of the original ... Is the print a lithograph or serigraph? ... People are willing to pay more money for an item that is rare and one-of-a-kind.


An original print is an image on paper or similar material made by one or more of the processes described here. Each medium has a special, ... Lithograph is a planographic technique in which the artist draws directly on a flat stone or specially prepared metal plate (usually with a greasy crayon). The stone is dampened with ...