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No more. Now, when the stock market dives, so does the market in ... and real Nagel serigraphs qualify in that respect -- then one is in good shape when the ... The Value and Price on 'real' Nagel prints will respond to the basic laws of supply  ...


In the past, reproductions were usually lithographs or serigraphs and the ... A lower number print had a greater value, because it was likely a better reproduction.


Apr 17, 2004 ... With the neophyte collector in mind -- and also more-experienced buyers ... for finding less-expensive art with the best chance of increasing in value. ... off with no credibility, but what I could find involved a Dali lithograph dispute. ... Limited Edition of SERIGRAPHS in 300 or more percent more higger price.


What about a more expensive print which is mass-produced but signed by the artist? .... Serigraphy is one of the few printmaking processes in which the pulling the print ... The artist can draw on the smoothed surface with a wide range of litho  ...


JOHN LENNON CREATED ONE LITHOGRAPH EDITION ... stated: “The limited edition artwork in this exhibition consists of lithographs, serigraphs, ...... If the amount of property obtained has an aggregate value of $50,000 or more, the violator ...


The suggested retail prices are to assist R.C. Gorman collectors on the values of their graphics, such as lithographs, serigraphs, woodblocks and etchings.


Sep 6, 2011 ... I was wondering if anyone knew of it's value or if it is a reproduction of a ... A lithograph, serigraph, or well done silk-screen or high quality print is usually ... Most signatures and dates on famous artist's lithos are 'in the plate', ...


Collectors give greater value to A/P's, as they are often difficult to obtain. These are ... The depth of color in the resulting fine art serigraph is almost luminous.


Mar 2, 2012 ... In either case, the canvas has more texture and dimension when it is embellished and looks more like an original. And both serigraphs and ...