However, lithographs can be extremely valuable due to the process used in printing ... the artwork to be mass-produced and become somewhat more affordable.


Why are giclées so much more expensive than lithographs? ... true prints (such as etching prints and serigraphs - a.k.a. silk screenings) do not have originals.


JOHN LENNON CREATED ONE LITHOGRAPH EDITION ..... Each hand pulled serigraph measures 20" x 22" and is individually signed by Yoko Ono Lennon ..... 300 OR MORE NON-DISCLOSED POSTHUMOUS FORGERIES .... If the amount of property obtained has an aggregate value of less than $20,000, the violator is  ...


Collecting animation art is one of the most exciting hobbies there is. ... Value is determined by a number of factors, including rarity, condition of the cel, pose of the ... and therefore, these usually retail for more than Xerox or serigraph lined cels. ... Signed, limited edition lithographs have always been popular, but now they are ...


6 days ago ... Lithograph on Canvas 24" x 20" ... Replacement Value: $4,000. Price: $950 or best offer ... Serigraph 36 x 37" ... Replacement Value: $4,500 .... If you are interested in Selling your artwork please click here for more information.


The Secret Art often shows a side of the artist that most readers, familiar with him ... each limited edition lithograph and serigraph bears an Authorized Printed ...


Oct 15, 2014 ... In any and all cases, the most important step in trying to sell your art is to ... Quite often people think they have a valuable piece of art only to ... (There's no charge for him to tell you if it's an original, a serigraph, a lithograph, etc.


The suggested retail prices are to assist R.C. Gorman collectors on the values of their graphics, such as lithographs, serigraphs, woodblocks and etchings.


Oct 14, 2017 ... These include, but are not limited to, lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, ... In the 1960's, Warhol used what was then termed “serigraphy” to recreate the ... Having said this, first editions are almost always more valuable, so don't ...