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Recipes: Shrimp
Easy, versatile, and quick to cook, shrimp is a high-protein, low-calorie alternative to other meats and fish.


Feb 3, 2017 ... This shrimp scampi recipe uses a few test kitchen tricks to ensure flavorful and well-cooked shrimp along with a cohesive, garlicky wine-and-butter sauce.


Bright and full of flavor, shrimp scampi is quick enough for a weeknight meal, but it's also sophisticated enough for a dinner party. Serve it with pasta, rice, or crusty bread to sop up the garlicky butter sauce. Watch How to Make Shrimp Scampi to see the step-by-step process.


Scampi refers to shrimp that are split, brushed with garlicky butter and broiled. The recipe here calls for flavoring butter with lemon, garlic, parsley and thyme, then dotting it liberally on shrimp and roasting the shellfish until it sizzles. More Delicious Shrimp Dishes ...


Tips. Serve Shrimp Scampi with linguine, if desired. Start bringing the water to a boil first and cook the pasta while the shrimp bakes. For gluten free preparation, confirm all recipe ingredients are gluten free by reading product labels each time you make this recipe.


3 tablespoons butter; 3 cloves garlic, chopped; 1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined; 1 teaspoon salt; 1 teaspoon pepper; ½ lemon, juiced; 1 teaspoon red chili flake; ¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped; ½ lb spaghetti, cooked. Preparation. Melt the butter in a pot over medium heat. Cook the garlic until it starts to brown. Add the ...


Homemade fresh pasta recipe with shrimp scampi. This easy shrimp scampi pasta recipe is quick Italian recipe made with fresh fettuccini and scampi sauce.


May 18, 2015 ... Shrimp scampi for one. All together. Try not to overcook them or else they will become rubbery. Rubbery shrimp are the worst! These are almost done. When the shrimp are almost done, add some cream to the dish. I said a few tablespoons in the recipe but you could add as much as you're comfortable with.


The beauty of shrimp scampi lies in its simplicity. Tender, pan-seared shrimp with a garlicky white wine-cream sauce and a nice pile of pasta. Boom. Done. Well, not quite done, because we've upped the ante by including ciabatta pull-apart bread full of cheesy goodness. You'll definitely want to keep this recipe card near  ...


Jul 8, 2013 ... This simple shrimp scampi can be made in just 15 minutes! Lots of lemon flavor, buttery shrimp, fresh parsley, and noodles.