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Study the guides below, plant pest-resistant trees….and GOOD LUCK! Homeowner Fruit Spray Guide (contains information from 2002, which may be out of date, but also has illustration of flower stages for apple and peach so you know when to spray). Home Orchard Pest Management (contains the latest pesticides, ...


Where can I find information about a spray schedule for pecan and fruit trees? Fertilization also? Thanks.


Jun 28, 2012 ... Fungicide sprays can be applied if the tree has a history of severe disease and blemish-free fruit are important (refer to Spray Guide below). ... FOURTH to EIGHTH COVERS: apply on a 14- to 21-day schedule until harvest depending on the weather; refer to "days-to-harvest" interval on fungicide label.


Dec 1, 2014 ... So it is especially important that you clean up the orchard and spray your fruit trees this winter to help prevent a recurrence of these problems. Now is the time to give your orchard ... For effective control of peach leaf curl, spray trees with a fungicide on a regular, annual schedule. Planting disease-resistant ...


Apple or pear trees with fire blight should be trimmed 10-12 inches below the affected areas, when weather is dry, cleaning pruners between cuts. Control of scab and leaf spot should begin at bud swelling and first color in buds, with a good preventative spray schedule followed if possible. Some fungicides are only  ...


Growth Stages in Fruit TreesCornell Guide to Growing Fruit at HomeTree Fruit Pest Management - Cultural MethodsTree Fruit Pest Management - Guidelines for a limited spray programWhy Fruit Trees Fail to Bear FruitRecommended Fruit Cultivars For Home Orchards.


ORGANIC APPLE SPRAY SCHEDULE. In our area scab, mildew and coddling moth are the major pests. The following charts address these and other situations that may arise with apples. For information on disease resistant varieties please ask for a handout at the Information desk. Cultivation practices with fruit trees are a ...


Jun 13, 2017 ... Apples: Apples are the crop most in need of a spray schedule. Unless you have disease-resistant trees, cedar-apple rust is a perennial problem. The larvae of the codling moth is the insect most likely to damage fruit. Control can be a challenge due to changing labels and an extended spray season.


SUGGESTED SPRAY PROGRAM: Coat trees—including the trunks—to the point of runoff, about 1½ gallons per mature fruit tree. We recommend using the Solo Deluxe 4-Gallon Sprayer. Treat this suggested schedule as a starting point; every site is different and requires a custom program. For example, trees with cedar ...