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Spraying Schedule for Fruit Trees
The majority of backyard fruit trees need to be sprayed to avoid diseases and parasites. Adopting a regular spraying schedule for any mini-orchard is easy, requires only a small investment of money and time, and will result in healthy, delicious,... More »
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only at the proper time of tree, bud, or pest development. Sprays applied at the wrong time are also ineffective. And always read and follow label directions of the product you use! For help in identifying home orchard problems or for more complete information on specific fruit pests or diseases, contact your county's WSU ...


The University of California, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, medical condition (cancer-related), ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-era veteran ...


Tree size – It is almost impossible to produce high-quality fruit in the home orchard on old, large trees because the spray pressure commonly used is inadequate to force the pesticides ..... and powdery mildew and is also effective for scab. For management of these diseases it should be used on a 7- to 10-day schedule from.


Feb 2, 2017 ... Borers that attack apple and pear trees are controlled by the spray schedule above if the trunk is thoroughly sprayed. If borers have attacked young, nonbearing trees, spray the trunks every 2 weeks during June and July with a multipurpose fruit spray. For apple maggot control in the northern half of Illinois ...


2017 Spray Guide for Home Fruit. Disease and Insect Management Section. prepared by K. S. Yoder, D.G. Pfeiffer, J. C. Bergh and Mizuho Nita, Virginia Tech. For mixing small volumes and General Purpose Mix, see Table · Disclaimer and Pesticide Warning - Please Read ...


Feb 1, 2006 ... EUGENE – Prevention is the first step in controlling diseases and insect pests in home orchards. Many problems can be avoided by choosing resistant fruit tree varieties and providing them with proper care. That care includes removing all dropped fruit and leaves that might be harboring pests.


SUGGESTED SPRAY PROGRAM: Coat trees—including the trunks—to the point of runoff, about 1½ gallons per mature fruit tree. We recommend using the Solo Deluxe 4-Gallon Sprayer. Treat this suggested schedule as a starting point; every site is different and requires a custom program. For example, trees with cedar ...


insect control on fruit trees should begin with prebloom sprays (dormant or delayed dormant) for scale Insects, aphids and mites. ... An appropriate sprayer is required to get good spray coverage on fruit trees. ... Codling moth control in apples and pears requires summertime insecticide treatments on a regular schedule.


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