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Spraying Schedule for Fruit Trees
The majority of backyard fruit trees need to be sprayed to avoid diseases and parasites. Adopting a regular spraying schedule for any mini-orchard is easy, requires only a small investment of money and time, and will result in healthy, delicious,... More »
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Jun. Jul. Aug. Fertilize 1. Prune Apricots. Prune Fruit Trees 2. Dormant Insect Control. 4. Set Codling Moth Traps 6. Peach Leaf Curl & Disease Control. 7. Fireblight. Peach Leaf Curl on Leaves. 8. Brown Rot & Scab. 12. Shothole Fungus. (Coryneum Blight). 9. Spray for Codling Moth. Summer Pruning. Spotted Wing Fruit Fly.


Oct 25, 2017 ... The second special situation where spraying fungicides during bloom can cause problems is where the honey bee keepers are using the insecticide/miticide amitraz for control of varroa mites in the hive. Most tree fruit growers will remember amitraz as Mitac which was used heavily for pear psylla control in ...


Spray a second fungicide application 7 days later if tree is not yet in bloom. Starting at petal fall, apply a combination of fungicide/insecticide every 7-10 days thru mid- June. At that time, you can switch to a 12-14 day spray schedule until mid-August. Most home fruit growers use a home orchard spray mix that is a ...


Mar 30, 2016 ... Caring for your Trees: Here is a link to the publication about managing pests in home fruit trees that is available from Purdue. We highly recommend this for caring for any type of fruit (including berries). Information about pruning, spraying, and much more is included. Managing Pests in Home Fruit Trees.


The following links provide information on disease and insect spray schedules and the most current recommendations from WSU on the selection and cultivation of standard tree fruit generally found in temperate zone orchards. Alternative fruit crops are also covered as well. Disease and Insect Spray Schedule for Home ...


Feb 27, 2017 ... Some fruit trees and berry plants thrive happily without a pest and disease prevention programme, whereas others struggle. The reasons why can be a mystery, or due to any number of factors: position, neighbouring diseased trees, climate (especially high humidity), or just plain bad luck. As we get ready to ...


Round #3 September: Organic fertilizer @ 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. and sul-po- mag @ 20 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Clean wood charcoal can also be used. See Terra Petra on DirtDoctor.com. SPRAY SCHEDULE. 1st spraying: Spray Garrett Juice and cornmeal tea at pink bud. Also drench it throughout the root system at 1 gal. per ...


Jun 29, 2009 ... Maintaining a spraying schedule to eliminate pests and disease will reward you with healthy, long living trees and juicy, sweet apples. ... a dormant-oil spray for fruit trees, per the manufacturer's instructions, in early spring--while the tree is still dormant, and as soon as green shoots appear on the apple tree.


Pecan, Fruit And Nut Spray Schedule. Homeowners should be familiar with insect pests and diseases, their life cycles, and their damage. Problems must be identified and proper control methods selected. The situation is often complex because problems vary from one area of Texas to another and from one year to the next.