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Spring fever is from 1843 as "surge of romantic feelings;" earlier of a type of disease or head-cold prevalent in certain places in spring; Old English had lenctenadle. First record of spring cleaning in the domestic sense is by 1843 (in ancient Persia, the first month, corresponding to March-April, was Adukanaiša, which ...


a complete cleaning of a place, as a home, done traditionally in the spring of the year. 2. the activity of giving a place a complete cleaning: We've been involved in spring-cleaning and are exhausted. Origin of spring-cleaning. Expand. 1855- 1860. First recorded in 1855-60 ...


Mar 13, 2017 ... Explore the roots and history of spring cleaning. How far does it date back. Which cultures and traditions have kept the spring cleaning routine alive for more than 3000 years.


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Verb. (third-person singular simple present spring-cleans, present participle spring-cleaning, simple past and past participle spring-cleaned). To carry out spring-cleaning on (a room, a house, etc). (intransitive) To engage in spring- cleaning. Origin. Back-formation from spring-cleaning. Noun. (plural spring cleans).


Define spring-clean: to clean (a place) thoroughly in the spring — spring-clean in a sentence.


Spring cleaning hints. by Noellen Newton and Naomi Newton. It's that time of the year again … time for a thorough spring clean! Here's some handy hints from our 1913 cookbook, covering blankets, bronze, brass and sultanas. Elbow grease at the ready? Let's start with some good old-fashioned furniture polish.


National Spring Clean. Welcome to www.nationalspringclean.org - the online resource for An Taisce's National Spring Clean, Ireland's premier anti-litter programme which takes place during the whole month of April every year.An Taisce Environmental Education Unit is a founding member of the Clean Europe Network.


Feb 25, 2015 ... Legend has it that the origins of the mighty spring clean date back to a time of great untidiness in Persia. Back then homeowners would 'shake the house' from top to bottom just before the New Year. During this cleaning frenzy no space was left unturned and no dirty dish escaped – everything in the house ...