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Aug 7, 2017 ... There seems to be a trend that most viral street racing videos don't end well. This one straight out of Eastern Europe is no different. Today's clip appears to be a combination of two very basic lessons: 1) just because you can afford it doesn't mean you can handle it, and 2) street racing on a busy strip in the ...


Car surfing and street racing are unacceptable activities that are severely punished under the Highway Safety Code and the Criminal Code.


Oct 15, 2017 ... A fiery collision in Long Beach that left two people dead is being investigated as a possible street racing incident, authorities said Sunday. The two-car crash occurred Saturday night in the 600 block of Shoreline Avenue, near Queens Way, said Long Beach Police Lt. Tim Olson. The collision caused one of ...


Jul 16, 2017 ... Two vehicles that were involved in the street racing managed to escape troopers, according to Highway Patrol.


Nov 8, 2017 ... Picture this: groups of sports cars illegally racing on a public highway in your community all night long, going back and forth at speeds beyond 100 miles an hour, in the midst of regular traffic.


Aug 13, 2017 ... Two Union City homes are severely damaged after a major crash that authorities say resulted from a street race early Sunday morning.


Speed contests or exhibitions of speed, commonly known as "street race," "speed race," or "drag race," threatens the well-being and safety of the public. ... in a Street Racing Sting. Law enforcement officials towed 60 cars away for 30-day impounds in a sting operation that involved six different law enforcement agencies.


Jun 10, 2013 ... THR debuts an exclusive clip from the new series, which focuses on the fastest cars in Oklahoma City. As Fast & Furious 6 revs up moviegoers in the theaters, Discovery Channel is set to give viewers an inside look at illegal street car racing in a new series debuting Monday. Street Outlaws takes a look at ...


Nice to see an early game with a UK location, too. RacingFreak (102). 2011-12- 01 18:18. Okay so, I have got all cars unlocked right now, so the game could be possible finished till tomorrow or Monday ;). k9underdogg AR (0). 2011-12-01 18: 53. This game rocked! It was probably the first street racing game inspired by the  ...