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Apr 1, 2018 ... HARTFORD -- Over 53 people were charged with various violations and seven cars were towed in an undercover bust early Sunday morning.


Nov 8, 2017 ... Picture this: groups of sports cars illegally racing on a public highway in your community all night long, going back and forth at speeds beyond ...


are full of posts with cars racing and documenting the events on the internet for all to enjoy. It's been asked before when the first street race took place, and the ...


Street racing can range from spontaneous racing with another car to illegally organized events with spectators and marked distances on public roadways.


Dec 31, 2013 ... Film and TV star Idris Elba - best known as Stringer Bell from The Wire - has been touring the US as part of a series about the history of ...


From the C/D Archives: Brock Yates on Detroit's 1970s street-racing culture. Read the story at Car and Driver.


Jun 20, 2007 ... The cars the teens had so meticulously souped up and tricked out were crushed Wednesday as part of a crackdown on illegal street racing in ...


Jul 25, 2017 ... Tesla makes fast cars. The company's all-electric Model S is extremely quick even in its base trim — with a 0-60 mph figure of just 4.3 seconds ...


California has very strict street racing laws and considers it illegal. Read all about California street racing laws and how to get away with it.