Aug 29, 2013 ... The Greenland canyon is buried under about 2 km of ice. About as long as the Rhone river in France and Switzerland, the ravine was probably ...


Aug 29, 2013 ... A newly discovered "mega canyon" beneath over a mile of ice in Greenland rivals the Grand Canyon in size.


According to available imagery dating back to 1964, Store Glacier has not significantly changed its front position in recent history. In Greenland as a whole,  ...


Sep 3, 2013 ... NASA data has revealed “an immense and previously unknown canyon hidden under a mile of Greenland ice.” Scientists pieced together this ...


Aug 30, 2013 ... Researchers discovered a previously unmapped canyon hidden for all of human history beneath 1.2 miles (2 km) of ice covering Greenland.


Aug 8, 2016 ... NASA scientists mapped the bottom of the Greenland ice sheet for ... [ Greenland's 'Grand Canyon' Revealed by Ice-Penetrating Radar (Video)].


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Jul 18, 2014 ... Last summer, scientists from the University of Bristol discovered the longest canyon in the world buried beneath three kilometres of ice in ...


Aug 4, 2016 ... The massive chunk of ice covering Greenland accounts for around 10 ... than a megacanyon discovered beneath Greenland's ice in 2013.