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The “NS” surface finish option is available for all types of bare overhead conductors that have aluminum outer strand wires. • High-Conductivity Aluminum (HC) – The normal 1350 hard-drawn aluminum material used for an ACSR-type conductor has a minimum average conductivity value of 61.2% IACS ( International.


This report summarizes information on the mechanical and electrical characteristics of five types of HTLS conductors, including: Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported/Trapezoidal Wire (ACSS and ACSS/TW), Gap-type Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced [G(Z)TACSR], Aluminum. Conductor Invar steel Reinforced ...


Apr 2, 2012 ... Joints for conductors. Introduction. These guidelines ... conductors and aluminium alloy conductors in accordance with TR 05-04E for over ..... mum height of 3 mm as follows: • Manufacturer's trademark. • Type or catalogue number. • Conductor diameter. • Year of manufacture. 5.5 Mechanical requirements.


TYPE TEST OF ACSR CONDUCTOR UPTO “DOG”. Sl. No Particulars of Test. Clause No. 1. Measurement of diameter of individual. Aluminium and Steel Wires . 13.2 of IS- 398 (Part-II). 2. Measurement of Lay Ratio/Direction of Lay. 13.8. 3. Breaking load of individual wire. 13.3.1. 4. Ductility Test (Torsion/ Elongation). 13.4. 5.


Conductors. A conductor is a material that is able to conduct electricity with minimal impedance to the electrical flow. It is commonly a metal. ... Learning Objectives. Compare N-type and P-type semi-conductors, distinguishing them from semi-conductors and insulators using band theory.


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Ambient Soil Temperature. – 20°C. Conductor Temperature. – 90°C. Soil Thermal Resistivity. – 90°C - CM. Watt. Insulation/Jacket Thermal Resistivity. – 400°C - CM. Watt. Shield or Sheath Operation. – Open Circuit. Voltage Rating. – 0 to 5 kV. Direct Buried Installation. Cable Depth of Burial. – 915 mm (36”). Cable Types.


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Bare Overhead Conductors. 2. Type AAC. 4. Type AAAC/1120. 5. Hard Drawn Copper. 6. Type ACSR/GZ. 7. Type ACSR/AC. 8. Type SC/GZ & SC/AC. 9. Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables. 10. LV XLPE Insulated 2/3/4 Core Aluminium. 12. LV XLPE Insulated 2/3/4 Core Copper. 13. PVC Insulated Single 2/3/4 Core Copper.