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Jun 21, 2016 ... Vast swathes of war-torn Yemen – 19 out of 22 governorates – are facing severe food insecurity, and the situation within affected areas is likely to deteriorate if conflict persists, according to a new assessment by the United Nations and partners.


Sep 7, 2002 ... We lived in a rented two-story house close to the Corn Gate, on the northwest side of town. It was a majestic structure with outside walls built of stones that had been chiseled by hand. Bars protected the many windows. A large metal gate opened for our Landcruiser when it came from Saada in the north.


Mar 2, 2010 ... Like most of the food I enjoyed while in Yemen, fahsa remains a mystery to me: the harder it is to distinguish the components of the finished dish, the …


Sep 4, 2015 ... 13 million in people in Yemen are in need of urgent assistance. NRC distributes food and provides families in need with cash assistance – but the relief work is challenging.


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Once self-sufficient in cereal crops, Yemen now imports over 75 per cent of the country's food. More than 70 per cent of the population live in rural areas but only three percent of Yemen is considered to be arable land. Traditionally famous for coffee, the main cash crop is now qat, a mild stimulant regularly chewed by about  ...


Oxfam Yemen Al Hodeidah Food Security Project Evaluation. 2. XECUTIVE SUMMARY. Since 2011, Yemen has faced an acute and complex humanitarian situation as a result of drought, political chaos and stalemate, regional conflict, high global food and fuel prices and reducing regional migration opportunities.


Oct 4, 2017 ... Salah El-Hajj Hassan, the FAO's representative in Yemen, added: ”The grant will go a long way in helping us provide sustainable agricultural solutions—furthering rural development, providing food security, rehabilitating community water infrastructures and improving capacity development in a country ...


Nov 1, 2017 ... food security, and household incomes. For Yemen, War has had a devastating effect on Yemen's people and its infrastructure, many civilians have been killed in the fighting and parts of the country stand on the brink of famine. 12,000 of 14,400 schools in Yemen have been shut down and teachers' salaries.