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Subscribe to Epified Here: Advaita Vedanta philosophy says that the individual mind is the cosmic mind. Those who achieve enlightenment ...
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Swami Sarvapriyananda explains the law of karma in the context of Advaita Vedanta. This video is part of a Q&A from Apr 8, 2018. ▻ Donations to support ...
Published in : 2018-12-20 | by Advaita Vedanta by James Swartz and Shiningworld
The full seminar video series can be found here:
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Namasté Recognize who you truly are! Sacred Sangha of Earth, Beloved Beings of Presence, Being One, we liberate Humanity Be present! Be joyful! Be free!
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This is the introductory video of the seminar "The Bliss of the Self", from Berlin 12th to 15 of March 2019. The full video set will be available shortly at: ...
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Namasté ~ This excellent compilation of interviews is made by Stillness Speaks. They also provide a second part that can be bought by you. Please support ...
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Interesting story. Link to Koi Fresco's Channel:
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Session 2 introduces topic of what is the Mind (Manas), Intellect (Buddhi), Vāsanā (saṃskāra), and Karma. These terms will be often referred in our Advaita ...