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If you are a Martial Arts Movie Fan, you can't miss these amazing action films starring legendary martial artists such as Jet Li, Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa. So come ...
Published in : 2011-03-13 | by TheEbbemonster
My top 10 favorite Jackie Chan movies 1. Armour of God (Operation Condor 2) 2. Police Story 3. City Hunter 4. Drunken Master 2 5. Rumble in the Bronx 6.
Published in : 2019-02-11 | by Nraug Hli Entertainment
New Chinese Action movie. This movie is Sub-Title in English. Please like it, Subscribe it. Thanks. I give credit to the Film Production.
Published in : 2017-08-27 | by Wu Tang Collection
Director: Joe Law Cast: Chan Mu Chuan, Chen Sing, Sun Rong Jye, Yueh Hwa, Eddy Ko The master of the monkey fist Sai Hai is on the run from Qing Snake fist ...
Published in : 2019-01-24 | by Rabbit
Lau Pak-Gwai training Beggar So "No copyright infringement intended.All materials used property of their respective owners."
Published in : 2018-03-19 | by Master Of The Drunken Fist: Beggar So trailer Master of The Drunken Fist Beggar So Cinima fight moovi thriller wonderful action don't get anything from this video, no money ...
Published in : 2017-07-21 | by Wu Tang Collection
Director: Yu Hon-Cheung Cast: Yueh Yang, Kong Ban, Wu Hsiao-Hui, Pang Hsiang-Lin, Chin Yung-Hsiang Cheng-huang or Guardian is a tutelary deity or ...