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Vaudeville was a form of entertainment in bars and theaters that included singers, juggling, magicians, actors and even escape artists. Find out how what ...
Published in : 2017-06-20 | by Athens Lindy Hop
"Ο Spy που τα Σπάει και τα Κορίτσια του" (The Amazing Spy and his Girls) team at the Student's Showcase Competition for the Vaudeville Revue 2016 (theme: ...
Published in : 2013-05-25 | by Z-1's World Of Wonders
Before there was television or movies, there was Vaudeville. Vaudeville was a unique blend of live theatrical acts and performances which served as a major ...
Published in : 2016-09-08 | by Brendan Malafronte
Brendan Malafronte shows off a little singing, dancing, puppetry, and physical comedy that earned him the audience given nickname; "The Rubber Band Man".
Published in : 2010-05-16 | by GazNeon
Performing 'The office temp from hell' at The Velvet Burlesque Vaudeville Cabaret Theatre Show, Penistone Paramount Theatre, May 15th 2010.
Published in : 2017-07-28 | by Visit Glenwood Springs
Enjoy dinner and a show with comedy skits by the talented Glenwood Vaudeville Revue performers. Colorado Public Television finds out what it is all about in ...
Published in : 2017-05-23 | by Rebecca Beaulieu
Plymouth State University presented Cowboys! A Musical Vaudeville and Medicine show In April of 2017. The entire process was recorded to give people the ...
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Bodabil (vaudeville)
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04BEC + chillar from 05BEC.