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Published in : 2018-05-30 | by MotoAdventures
Ami Houde (Professional Motocross racer and Driver of the Zombie Monster Jam Truck) picked up Ashley Kidd (4 time World Wake Surf Champion) for a little ...
Published in : 2018-04-24 | by MotoAdventures
Source: It's a Continental Tire takeover on today's Down & Dirty ...
Published in : 2014-05-26 | by MotoAdventures
Life of a female moto racer- and all the shenanigans along the way!! Feat: Ashley Friesen & Justin Stewart @amihoude71.
Published in : 2015-10-15 | by MotoAdventures
Summer of 2016 with my Bad Girls Club - Moto Chicks know best.
Published in : 2015-06-15 | by MotoAdventures
Published in : 2014-09-12 | by MotoAdventures
Another Moto Adventure video featuring Anna Pubben and Taylor Masse! Two new bad ass Moto Chicks who rip! xoxo Ami Houde #71.
Published in : 2011-08-01 | by MotoAdventures
Check out these REAL LIFE moto chicks! Who aren't JUST pretty faces, but mean motocross racers who all kick some serious ass on the track. O...and And we're ...
Published in : 2014-08-21 | by MotoAdventures
How to be a chick at the track for people who like to laugh clearly. Feat: Anna Pubben -Ami Houde.
Published in : 2014-07-25 | by MotoAdventures
Let me take you on a wild ride of long hair and dirt bikes on this Moto Chick Advenure!!!!
Published in : 2015-01-27 | by MotoAdventures
You gotta WORK it to Werk it!! xo - #Never Settle 1st Phorm @amihoude71 @1stPhorm Film & Produced: Cameron Skrypnyk & Alan Haley Edit: Ami Houde ...