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Great Compassion Mantra (Maha Karuna Dharani) in Sanskrit: 1. Namo ratnatrayaya. 2. Namo aryavalokitesvaraya. 3. Bodhisattvaya. 4. Mahasattvaya. 5.
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Let hope for a better and peaceful world :) Source taken from (Thanks for sharing)
Published in : 2012-07-26 | by Bei Bei The story of "The Butterfly Lovers" is a lot like the story of "Romeo and Juliet." It is a story about love, ...
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Lyrics 当爱情已到了尽头dāng ài qíng yǐ dào liǎo jìn tóu 故事也走到了最后gù shì yě zǒu dào liǎo zuì hòu 泪流转身背后lèi liú zhuǎn shēn bèi hòu...
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Zhu Bei Promotional Video for Young Enterprise.
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A Cutscene from The Battle at Chang Ban from Dynasty Warriors 3 This scene has an interchangeable character. Make a request here if you want someone else ...
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阿彌陀佛!amituofo! The Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī, also known as the Mahākaruṇā(-citta) Dhāraṇī, Mahākaruṇika Dhāraṇī or Great Compassion Dhāraṇī (or ...