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Includes New York State Assembly Districts. (new) See and and ...
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New York City Chancellor Richard Carranza talks forcefully about making public schools more equitable for the black, Latino, and poor students who comprise ...
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April 09, 2019.
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See and Many Thanks to Kevin Jenkins. This has been modified to add New York ...
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Will moving the lines on a map integrate Brooklyn's public schools? What if instead of redrawing catchment areas, poor parents were given the same choices ...
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New York City has a school segregation problem. It's more segregated today than it was 30 years ago. And it's not only racial segregation, it's also economic.
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The New Haven school system has been without a permanent superintendent for a year, and now, some are upset about their choice for a replacement.
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Man opens fire on Florida school board before killing himself. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News ...
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A 37% high school graduation rate, one of the lowest in America - on par with juvenile justice centers and a handful of the nation's poorest inner city schools.