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Published in : 2017-09-12 | by Victoria X Rave
Dyeing My Hair Bright AF Colors Check me out as I bleach, and then dye my hair some extremely bright colors. Blue IROIRO hair dye................
Published in : 2016-06-29 | by Victoria X Rave
TATTOO AFTERCARE Guide — Keep Tattoos Bright: Follow along as I show you how I keep my tattoos bright. Surprise surprise, it's with proper tattoo aftercare.
Published in : 2018-07-12 | by Victoria X Rave
Dyeing my girlfriend's hair PINK... Guess we're twins now ;) Whoops! Come along as I dye Flower's hair pink with lots of fun, bright color! Dye your girlfriend's hair ...
Published in : 2016-08-01 | by Victoria X Rave
I dyed my hair / Dreads GALAXY Watch along as I dye my hair / dreads galaxy color. Dyeing my hair this color was the smartest thing I've done in a while.
Published in : 2017-04-07 | by Victoria X Rave
How to Dye Your Hair BRIGHT PINK / RED: I know it looks more coral / red that's because of the mixture of orange that I had in it already. Still, the same process ...
Published in : 2016-03-25 | by Victoria X Rave
The natural way to Strip Color and Deep Clean Dreadlocks Check out the products I use to keep my dreadlocks just right through this Amazon affiliate link.
Published in : 2017-03-06 | by Victoria X Rave
I dyed my hair SUNSET || DIY Orange / Yellow / Red Color Iroiro Hair Dye...................▻ Ok, I dyed my hair sunset, and I teach you how ...
Published in : 2019-02-06 | by Victoria X Rave
This is my most personal hair bleaching and dyeing video. I want to make you all feel like you are here with me. I recorded with 360 audio so have a listen.
Published in : 2017-09-07 | by Victoria X Rave
Life is Too Much — Live Vlog XOXOXO — Victoria X Rave SUBSCRIBE......................▻ ⭐ ⭐ ❤ GET MERCH & ALL MY FAVORITE ...
Published in : 2017-09-14 | by Victoria X Rave
FULL BUTT WORKOUT — Leg Day Live Stream XOXOXO — Victoria X Rave SUBSCRIBE......................▻ ⭐ ⭐ ❤ GET MERCH & ALL ...