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Can Link fill in the mystery blanks to these terrible high school yearbook quotes? GMM #1329.3 Watch GMMore: Watch today's ...
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Come Carve Out Your Issues!!
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Got a little artsy on ya, didn't I? :) Music used in the background by Ellie Goulding | "Be Mine" cover Enjoy.
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Hi Kameron, how are you? Honestly being here without you is kind of blue From Austin all the way to Perry A thousand miles apart is really kind of scary I know ...
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Cheyenne Quotes Spongebob xD.
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Finally it's out! Poetry was a fun class. I learned about Haikus. CypherDen ➤ Anyone Can Dig a Hole ...
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This is my sophomore quote project, we were told to write down quotes throughout the year from things we read. I feel like everything about this really reflects ...
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