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Published in : 2012-06-17 | by Thom
My Run on my Grace One Universal electric Bike. 1300 Watts and 50 kp/h. Recon MOD HeadUp Display built into my Specialized Helmet.
Published in : 2014-09-04 | by GoodThings2C
LB Foxx captures Harrp array signature CORKSCREW ELECTRIC BEEM as millions of watts are blasted threw it. The real answer to The Fireballs,Sinkholes ...
Published in : 2016-05-31 | by Once View Crazy World
Solar panel that working after sunset its very power full.
Published in : 2017-04-17 | by Jean Beauregard
It's been a while since I've posted any 3D video so here is a bike around Rutland BC Canada. I will leave the video in side by side and viewable in VR.
Published in : 2016-05-03 | by Ghost System
Audio visual duo from Sydney, Australia. Ghost System's debut production in synthetic stereo 360 VR. Best viewed in 4k with Google Carboard, or in Milk VR on ...
Published in : 2012-05-11 | by Raul Peralta
Scooter ezip 1000 Wats.
Published in : 2010-09-17 | by Taylor Cole
Clutch - 10001110101 (band cover)
Published in : 2017-02-04 | by hirudov
2017 Torrot MUVi motorcycle seen from outside and inside in 3D. The motorbike is with electric engine Torrot Brushless 48V (L3e-A1=3 kW/L1e-B=2.65 kW)/35 ...
Published in : 2017-04-05 | by FUTURE TECH
In this video, I will open the inside of the EPEVER CN Series MPPT Charge Controller. I wasn't able to see the inductor because it has been embedded inside ...
Published in : 2017-02-10 | by Johnathon Jones
Revelation of the Free Energy. its the end of Oil and fossil fuel industry. Tesla exhibited a pre-atomic understanding of physics in his writings; he disagreed with ...