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Published in : 2013-01-13 | by Academy of Ideas
In this lecture we discuss Empedocles, the most colorful of all the Presocratics. While Empedocles wrestled with Parmenides' law against becoming, he also ...
Published in : 2013-12-12 | by MrSkypelessons
Some of the ideas of Empedocles are introduced and several questions are open for debate. 1) Do you agree that 'nothing can come from nothing'? 2) Do you ...
Published in : 2017-08-20 | by Demizmue
We look at Empedocles and his idea that existence is composed of four elements, guided by love and strife. *** Image sources: ...
Published in : 2010-09-28 | by CollegeBinary
Empedocles, his development of the classical elements, and his primordial theory of evolution. Fun fact: He also believed he could control the weather.
Published in : 2018-07-14 | by Dr. Jordan B Cooper
This is part five of the series, "A History of Western Thought," on the philosopher Empedocles. This thinker was the first to try and reconcile the views of both ...
Published in : 2014-04-24 | by Podium-Arts
English -- But turn their madness, Gods! from tongue of mine, And drain through holy lips the well-spring clear! And many-wooed, O white-armed Maiden-Muse, ...
Published in : 2014-07-21 | by HaugenMetaphilosophy
This video looks at the metaphysical views of these philosophers.
Published in : 2013-09-24 | by Gregory B. Sadler
support my work making Philosophy accessible - study philosophy 1-on-1 - In this ...
Published in : 2012-11-06 | by workingklass0
Chapter Six from Book One, Part One of Bertrand Russell's "The History Of Western Philosophy" (1945).
Published in : 2019-01-10 | by Adictos a la Filosofía
Hola, filoadictos! Hoy os traigo a Empédocles de Agrigento, el primer pluralista y el #11 en nuestra serie sobre los presocráticos. ¿Qué pensaba Empédocles?