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Published in : 2013-06-02 | by Holly
This video will explain how to make an ester.
Published in : 2018-08-30 | by Eliot Rintoul
This video runs through what esters are and how to make them.
Published in : 2016-03-04 | by The Organic Chemistry Tutor
This video discusses how a triglyceride can be synthesized from glycerol and 3 fatty acids using an acid catalyst. It also provides the ester hydrolysis mechanism ...
Published in : 2016-11-04 | by BYU-Idaho Academic Support
This Introduction to Biology video teaches about Ester Linkage: macromolecule and functional groups involved.
Published in : 2015-06-27 | by The Organic Chemistry Tutor
This video discusses the structural differences between an ether and an ester with reference to organic chemistry.
Published in : 2013-09-19 | by chemistNATE
Esters are molecules connected by a =O on one carbon, and a -O- on the SAME carbon. The carbon chain is broken into two bits, so each gets its own part of the ...
Published in : 2017-11-14 | by Whats Up Dude
In this video we cover the molecular structure of lipids or fats. We discuss the structure of triglyceride molecules, the structure of phospholipid molecules, and the ...
Published in : 2010-10-21 | by Khan Academy
Carboxylic acid derivatives - amides, anhydrides, esters and acyl chlorides. Created by Sal Khan. Watch the next lesson: ...
Published in : 2014-05-09 | by biologyexams4u
This video explains what is a nucleotide? What is a phosphodiester bond and how it is formed? Hydrogen bond in DNA and its formation? Notes on Nucleic acid ...
Published in : 2013-12-23 | by CrashCourse
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